Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

As the legislative session winds down, everyone is waiting to see if legislators do something.  I traveled to St. Paul to participate in a press conference and lobbying effort and it was obvious the outcome of the session is not clear.  My message to our legislators and the rest of them is that “Doing Nothing…
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Low angle view of Corinthian columns on facade of building

LGA – The Lifeblood Of Morris City Funding

Every Citizen in Morris should be concerned about LGA. It will be our number one priority in the upcoming legislative session and possibly the fall election.  Without an increase, the City of Morris will be faced with some important decisions about taxes and/or service cuts in the next few years.  You need to contact our…
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Morris Water Treatment Plant Needs Legislative Support

The Morris water treatment plant needs legislative support. This means Citizens need to get involved with the process.  We need you to contact House Representative Backer, Senator Westrom and Governor Dayton to ask them to support the needed funding for our project. As a point of clarification so everyone is on the same sheet of…
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Road construction vehicle

Oregon Avenue Pre-construction Surface Maintenance

You probably noticed that city crews have turned Oregon Avenue, from East 4th Street to South Street, back to gravel. We did this for two reasons. First, the road surface was getting so bad that we couldn’t keep it patched. Second, the road will be worked on as part of the Oregon Avenue storm sewer…
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Snowplough clearing roads

Getting Cars Off The Streets To Plow Snow

  We struggle at the City Staff level trying to figure out the best way to get cars off the street to plow snow.  We have an ordinance that allows us to call a snow emergency and requires all the cars to be off the street, but implementing this system gets to be quite the…
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