City Surveys Citizens On Service Quality

The City of Morris is in the process of surveying its Citizens on the quality of service it provides.  The surveys are part of a Performance Measure Program the State of Minnesota implemented last year to determine how satisfied Citizens are with the services their City provides.

The surveys in Morris are being distributed through the utility billing system.  The surveys for the east side of town went out this week and the west side of town will be next month.  If you don’t get one and would like one, just stop in City Hall and pick one up.  All of the surveys will be returned to City Hall.

The survey looks at key areas of service in city government.  Most of the areas are prescribed by the Performance Measurer Program, but a couple of extra areas were added at the local level.  The areas of service include: appearance of the city, feeling of safety, quality of fire protection, condition of city streets, quality of snowplowing, dependability of city sanitary sewer, dependability and overall quality of city water, dependability and overall quality of city recreational programs and facilities, quality of City Hall administrative services, quality of transit services, overall quality of all services provided.

The results will be tabulated and reported back to the City Council and the State of Minnesota.  The overall goal is to determine what areas need additional attention and to determine how best to distribute limited resources.  The State of Minnesota will collect the data from all of the cities participating in this program and will report back to the Legislature.

The information should be tabulated just in time to use during the budget preparation process for the 2013 City Budget.  The City Council may also decide to do follow on surveys in an effort to refine the information to help make informed decisions about services and resources.

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  1. Mary Ann Mayhew

    Very concerned no that the test conducted on this past Thursday for tornados regarding the sirens. I think the city needs to rethink upgrading sirens–on the east side of town by the ballpark and beyond the sirens are not heard-especially when the wind blows. Are we taxpayers chopped liver out here–just exactly where are the sirens located? I am upset that you do not care about this situation–as this is not the first time, you have been advised/questiuoned about this–dating back to May of 2011.

    1. morris

      We test sirens to determine if they are working. The sirens in Morris are very old and we started replacing them two years ago. During the recent test, we found out that one on the east side of town was not working. We had scheduled one on the west side for replacement this year and that one did work. We have since determined that we will switch our priority and replace the one on the east side. We are going to continue to update all of the sirens. We recently annexed in property and provided a siren for those people coming into the city limits. Sirens will be a priority in our next budget. I will pass your message along. Blaine Hill City Manager

  2. allen

    I think that these surveys are a waste of time. Every time we get them nothing is improved. The guys who work for the city cant plow correctly cause they cant clean up their windrows and they are always a ways from the curbs unless you drive by their homes and of course they take the time on their own streets. The utilities are expensive. Garbage for an example is terrible. The city says it will burn off the wildlife areas in the city limits and yet it is never done. We have an aear on the west side of town behind Lyndale that needs to be burned cause its all dead grass and nothing is growing their. I will start to beleive in this survey when things start improving in town.

    1. morris

      Thank you for your comments. I hope you take the time to fill out the survey and drop it off to us. The US Fish and Wildlife service recently burned off the area by the Pomme de Terre bike path, but it was only because of the recent dry period and the appropriate wind. A portion of that area could not be burned because of its location and the homes near it. We are always interested in Citizens opinions and will use this information during our next budget session. Blaine Hill City Manager

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