Road Project Update

The time is getting close for the 2012 road projects to start.  The City will again try to do a number of improvements to include a major underground project on Pacific Avenue from County Road 22 to West 5th Street/Highway 28 by Lake Crystal.  You may have noticed the uneven road surface as you drive down Pacific Avenue.

Next week, the City will have a pre-construction meeting for the Pacific Avenue Project.  The meeting is held so that all the key players in the project have a chance to sit down and talk about the way the project is going to be done.  Typically, the contractor, representatives from all the utility companies, the City’s engineer and the City’s engineer-inspector all discuss the project.  A schedule will be discussed and then everyone will agree on what is going to happen.  The City will then give notice to the property owners about the project.  We have also included a weekly meeting on site as a way property owners can bring up their concerns and learn about what will happen each week.

The City will also be completing the East 8th, 9th and Arizona Avenue Project that was started last year.  The final grading and planting of the boulevards has to be done and the last lift of blacktop will be put on.  The City’s engineer-inspector will also check the work from last year and give notice to the contractor to fix anything that failed.  It is common to see some cracks in the curb, gutter and sidewalks over the winter freeze/thaw cycle.

The City will be opening bids on May 3rd for the 2012 Road Improvement Project.  This project is basically the major maintenance of roads in Morris.  The maintenance includes milling, overlaying, mud-jacking of curbs to align them, seal-coating, and in the case of State Aid Highway roads in Morris, the placement of handicapped sidewalk crossings.  The streets included in this project are:  South Street from Columbia Avenue to Atlantic Avenue, California Avenue from South Street to Elm Street, Meadow Lane, Ridge Road, Glendale Avenue, Wyoming Avenue from West 5th Street to West 8th Street, Iowa Avenue from East 7th Street to MN Hwy 28, and the Fire Hall parking lot.

The City will also be doing the engineering study on the West 9th, 10th and 11th Street Project.  This will be a complete rebuild and will also include all the avenues in that area, one block on Nevada Avenue between West 8th and West 9th, and one block of Pacific Avenue from West 5th Street to West 6th Street.  This street had the same problem as Pacific Avenue by Lake Crystal.  There will be a special assessment hearing on this project later this fall.