Oregon Avenue Pre-construction Surface Maintenance

You probably noticed that city crews have turned Oregon Avenue, from East 4th Street to South Street, back to gravel. We did this for two reasons. First, the road surface was getting so bad that we couldn’t keep it patched. Second, the road will be worked on as part of the Oregon Avenue storm sewer project that will start next May, so it didn’t matter if we ground it up.

The process we used was similar to the “reclaim” work we have been doing on some of our roads that are in poor condition. Right now we are working on Nevada, Idaho and Washington Avenues. We added this type of maintenance in the last few years. The city hires a company to come in with a milling machine to mill the road surface. Reclaiming involves leaving the millings and mixing them with gravel to form a new base. This base is then graded and prepped for the new surface. Oregon Avenue will not be resurfaced at this time.

Next year we will do the underground work on Oregon Avenue from East 4th to Elm Street. Places that don’t have curb and gutter will get them added. Places that have curb and gutter may get them replaced depending on condition, or they may be realigned and then left in place. Once all the work is done, we will resurface Oregon Avenue with 3” of new blacktop.

We will need to do a little extra maintenance on the gravel/millings surface to include watering it down from time to time to keep dust down. In the winter, we should be able to plow snow. There may be some of the surface put up on the boulevards when the plow goes by, but they will be reconditioned as part of the road project.

There is a small section of road on East 3rd Street from California Avenue to Oregon Avenue and Oregon Avenue to Atlantic Avenue that we may reclaim in the next two months. This area will not have underground work, so we will resurface it before winter.