Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

As the legislative session winds down, everyone is waiting to see if legislators do something.  I traveled to St. Paul to participate in a press conference and lobbying effort and it was obvious the outcome of the session is not clear.  My message to our legislators and the rest of them is that “Doing Nothing is Not An Option”.

While it’s true that we have a divided legislature with both Republicans and Democrats in charge of the two main bodies, and a Democrat as Governor, we are all Minnesotans and there has to be common ground.  Pointing fingers, drawing lines in the sand and deciding to simply walk away should never, ever be part of the strategy of our legislators.

Voters demand more these days and are much more educated than you may think.  They may not tell you to your face, but they will tell you in a voting booth.

Here in Morris, the request of our legislators from a city standpoint is simple; you cannot walk away from this session without support for our water treatment plant and an increase in Local Government Aid.  It just won’t be acceptable.  We realize you only have one vote, but make it for us, not for the “powers that be”, not for the “party”, and certainly not for “your best interest”.  This is good advice for legislators on both sides.

During political debates, candidates tell us that they want to be our “voice” in St. Paul.  We elect them to go to St. Paul to represent our interests and expect them to listen to us and to make our voices heard.  When you come back home after the session is over, what will you tell us? We will be waiting to hear what happened.  I’m hoping the answer is not “sorry, but we did nothing, but it was the other side’s fault”.