Morris City Road Project Work To Begin

Construction season is upon us and work will begin on several projects in Morris. The 2016 Oregon Avenue Project needs to be finished.  This includes regrading and seeding of all of the boulevards, correcting any problems that have come up since last year and putting the final wear-coat of asphalt on the road.  This work needs to be completed by June 30, 2017.  A punch list of final issues has been worked up and shared with the contractor.  Once they are all completed, a final payment request will be considered by the City Council.

The 2017 North, South and East Court, Brook Street and Eleanor Avenue Project will be starting.  A letter is being sent to property owners to notify them of the beginning of the project.  The official start date is May 23rd, but the contractor has indicated that they probably won’t get started until the first week in June.  Riley Bros Inc. of Morris is the general contractor.  The date set for substantial completion is October 20, 2017 and for final completion is June 30, 2018.  The items held over to 2018 are the same as above for the Oregon Avenue Project.

One special note is that Center Point Energy will be updating their gas lines.  This is a separate project and is common place when major construction is being done.  A separate letter has apparently been sent by Center Point Energy notifying property owners of this construction.  They need to be out of the way when the city project is constructed.

The 2017 project will be somewhat complicated given the fact that no alleyways exist in this neighborhood.  The project has been broken down into 9 phases that are about a block and one half each.  The contractor will do all the work in each phase before moving on to the next phase.   The most frequently asked question is about digging up the street multiple times.  Please understand that each utility is in a separate location underground in the street.  The contractor will dig in each one separately and then backfill over the top.  The utilities include: water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer.  In this neighborhood, there isn’t any storm sewer right now, so this will be a new item placed in the street.

Once all of the utilities are dug in, then the road base will be completed and curb and gutter will be placed.  This process includes the placement of a drain tile on each side of the street underground.  In order to facilitate the discharge of sump pumps, a drain pipe will be placed in the boulevard for each property.  In some cases, residents will attach an underground sump pump pipe to this drain pipe, eliminating any sump pump drainage on their grass or the road surface.  Coordination with the on-site inspector will help facilitate this process.

The final step will be the final grading of the gravel base and the placement of 1½ inches of blacktop.  This will set over the winter and the final 1½ inches of blacktop (wear-coat) will be placed next year. Recently we have added a dust coating that is sprayed on the boulevards in the fall to over-winter them.  People have assumed this was grass seed, but it is simply a coating for dust control.