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Getting Cars off the Streets to Plow Snow

  We struggle at the City Staff level trying to figure out the best way to get cars off the street to plow snow.  We have an ordinance that allows us to call a snow emergency and requires all the … Continue reading


Governor and Legislators Questioning Where the Money Went

All indications are that the Governor and Legislators are questioning where the additional funding for local governments went and why property taxes are going up instead of down.  Our support organizations like the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities and the … Continue reading

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City roads take a beating and more money is needed for maintenance.

Recently I asked the City Council to authorize additional funding for more road maintenance in the form of reclaiming.  The request was for approximately $150,000.  This request was made because of the bad spring we had and the resulting damage … Continue reading

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What Happens to the Elementary School Property?

I’ve had a number of people ask me what will happen with the old elementary school property and my answer is that the City will sell the property.  The City is not a developer in the sense that we have … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities and Local Government Aid

I can say I was somewhat excited as a City Manager when control of the House and Senate went to the Democrats.  Not for political reasons, but simply because I figured Local Government Aid would get a fairer shake in … Continue reading

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Rumor Has It

Recently there were several Letters to the Editor questioning the actions of the City of Morris.  While nobody has talked with me personally about these issues, I was encouraged by several people to respond.  This is not typically the philosophy … Continue reading

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What is TIF?

What is TIF? Recently I presented information to the City Council about using TIF for the old elementary school demolition project and the follow on development.  The acronym TIF stands for Tax Increment Financing.  TIF is an economic development tool … Continue reading

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Funding Public Infrastructure

As we prepare our budget for the upcoming year and look at our public improvement project for 2013, it is very clear that we need to review how we fund public infrastructure.  I will be making recommendations to the City … Continue reading


Is Morris Safe for Riding Bike?

Recently I attended a speech class presentation at the University of Minnesota Morris.  The topic of the presentation was bicycle safety in Morris.  I think the students did a great job, and as a City Manager, I went away from … Continue reading


Road Project Update

The time is getting close for the 2012 road projects to start.  The City will again try to do a number of improvements to include a major underground project on Pacific Avenue from County Road 22 to West 5th Street/Highway … Continue reading

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